William Scott

William Scott came to Allensworth from Sanfrancisco and bought Lot 6 of Block 41 from the Pacific Farming Company in 1910. After the Gross Store was built, he assisted Mary Gross in running the store, taking over when she was out of town.

Scott lived in a little house between the Gross Store, Frank Milner’s house and barber shop. Scott also worked at times at the ranch owned by Mr. Hysick, a white man. Scott bought additional property at Allensworth. He bought the east one-third of Lot 20 and 21 of Tract 9 from the Pacific Farming Company, the deed being recorded on October 18, 1913. At some point, he also acuired lots 3 and 4 of Tract 7 and lots 4 and 5 of Block 48. After Mary Gross’ death, Scott ran the store, though it is not known for how long, Scott was apparently ill for some time prior to his death on February 8, 1930. Mrs. Josie Coachman made a claim against his estate for $52,000 for nursing and feeding him between November 1, 1929 and February 5, 1930, and for caring for his property from the time of his death until April 1, 1932. Scott left an estate worth $500.00 and no will. The only known heir was MRs. Ada Gross of Fulton, Missouri. Ada Gross was probably a relative of Mary Gross either by blood or marriage. When the Gross family was contacted regarding the disposition of Scotts’ estate, Helen Gross, age 24 of Fulton, Missouri, stated that Ada Gross, Scott’s heir and her mother, had died on December 2,1932. Ada had two daughters, Helen Margaret Gross and Mary Elizabeth Gross, both are now deceased.

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